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The paediatric prehospital primer


Here at Don’t Forget The Bubbles, we’re delighted to be collaborating with some incredible prehospital clinicians to bring you posts about providing excellent care to children before they get to hospital. While we work away behind the scenes to curate these posts, we wanted to bring some of our published archive together in our very first prehospital paediatric primer.

First, here are some general prehospital posts to get you started.

Quoting a wise PEM colleague, sometimes pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Here are some posts to guide you in managing pain in children.

We have some top tips on resuscitating a very sick child…


…and chemical attacks.

Here are two of our favourite posts on assessing children for sepsis.

And if paediatric cardiology blows your mind, have a peek at these posts.

We have some tips on managing seizures…

…and finally, a one stop shop in paediatric toxicology.

We hope you enjoy these posts. Keep an eye out for more of our prehospital posts and if you’d like to contribute to our growing prehospital library, please get in touch!



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