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Getting Started with DFTB


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Don’t Forget The Bubbles was conceived as a way of sharing our collective knowledge. What started out as four enthusiastic players (Tessa, Ben, Henry and Andy) has grown so much bigger. With over 70 authors and more than 600 blog posts many people might wonder just where to start. Keeping track of every post can be a challenge and so here is a little something to get you started…

What is actually normal in newborns?

How about levelling up your neonatal preparedness with Henry Goldstein’s top tips:-

And Andy Tagg gives a personal account of why these skills are so important in this essay.

Boys seem to have a lot going on down there:-

And we always seem to be obsessed with bodily functions

It may be that you just want some help with your procedural competency

But perhaps you just want to take a break from it all and sit down and read. These essays should give you plenty of food for thought:-

If you take a look at the NavBar at the top of the screen you will see quick links to some of our most popular series – x-ray interpretation, our quick reference guide, the ever expanding repertoire of conference talks and our monthly round up of interesting paediatric papers, the Bubble Wrap.

If you are after information on a particular topic – clinical or non-clinical – then just type it into the search bar. If it’s not there and you really think we need something then let us know at


High flow therapy – when and how?

Chest compressions in traumatic cardiac arrest

Searching for sepsis

The missing link? Children and transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Don’t Forget the Brain Busters – Round 2

An evidence summary of Paediatric COVID-19 literature


The fidget spinner craze – the good, the bad and the ugly

Parenteral Nutrition



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