Genetic Syndromes

SyndromeGeneticsFacies/body habitusMedicalImage AlagilleJagged 1 or Notch 2 mutationProminent forehead; deep set eyes; moderate hypertelorism; small pointed chin; saddle nose; triangular facies.Butterfly vertebrae; biliary ducts narrow and malformed; peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis; Tetralogy of Fallot; ocular abnormalities; stroke/intracranial bleeding; dysplastic kidneys.Angelman15 maternal imprintingDevelopmental delay (severe); often non-verbal; ataxia; frequent laughter/smiling; hand-flapping movements; short attention span; microcephaly;…

Exclusion period for infections

  References Recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious conditions for schools, pre-schools and child care centre, National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) – VIC, QLD Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings, Health Protection Agency (UK)

Immunisation schedule

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Blood pressure centiles

If you’re wondering if your patient’s BP is over the 95th centile….here’s the table you need. This data is extrapolated from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute     References Baylor College of Medicine, Age-based centile charts British Hypertension Society Guidelines

Levels of radiation from imaging

Average effective dose in millisieverts (mSv) as compiled by Fred A. Mettler, Jr., et al., “Effective Doses in Radiology and Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine:  A Catalog,” Radiology Vol. 248, No. 1, pp. 254-263, July 2008. Based on the assumption of an average “effective dose” from chest x ray (PA film) of 0.02 mSv. Based on the assumption of…