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Exclusion period for infections


IllnessExclusion period
WormsNot necessary if treatment has commenced
WartsNot necessary
Viral gastroenteritisUntil diarrhoea-free and no vomiting for 24 hours
TyphoidNeed permission from Health Authority
TuberculosisNeed permission from Health Authority
ToxoplasmosisNot necessary
Streptococcal throatUntil has had 24 hours antibiotics and feels well
ShigellaUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
Scarlet feverUntil has had 24 hours antibiotics and feels well
ScabiesUntil day after commencing treatment
SalmonellaUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
RubellaUntil 4 days after onset of rash, or fully recovered
RotavirusUntil no vomiting or diarrhoea for 24 hours
Ross River virusNot necessary
RoseolaNot necessary
RingwormUntil 1 day after starting antifungal treatment
RSVNot necessary
PertussisUntil 5 days after starting antibiotics or 21 days from onset of coughing
Parvovirus (5th disease, slapped cheek)Not necessary
NoravirusUntil no vomiting or diarrhoea for 48 hours
Mumps9 days after onset of swelling
Mollusum contagiosumNot necessary
Meningococcal infectionUntil appropriate antibiotic treatment has been completed
Meningitis (viral)Until well
Meningitis (bacterial)Until received appropriate antibiotics
Measles4 days after onset of rash
LeprosyNeed permission from Health Authority
Legionnaire'sNot necessary
InfluenzaUntil well
ImpetigoUntil antibiotic treatment has started (cover any exposed sores with a dressing)
Hydatid diseaseNot necessary
HIVNot necessary
Herpes simplexNot necessary if can maintain good hygiene practice (otherwise until sores are dry)
Hepatitis CNot necessary
Hepatitis BNot necessary
Hepatitis AAt least 7 days after onset of jaundice
Head liceNot necessary if treatment given before the following day at child care
H. influenzae BUntil received at least 4 days antibiotics
Hand, foot and mouth (Coxsackie)Until all blisters have dried up (usually at least 5 after rash first appeared)
GiardiasisUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
EBVNot necessary
DiphtheriaUntil 2 negative throat swabs (1st swab will be 2 hours after finished antibiotics)
DiarrhoeaUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
CryptosporidiumUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
ConjunctivitisUntil eye discharge has stopped (if infectious type of conjunctivitis)
CMVNot necessary
ChickenpoxUntil all blisters have dried up (usually at least 5 after rash first appeared)
CandidiasisNot necessary
CampylobacterUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours
AmoebiasisUntil diarrhoea-free for 24 hours


Recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious conditions for schools, pre-schools and child care centre, National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) – VIC, QLD

Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings, Health Protection Agency (UK)

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