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Developmental Milestones


SocialFine Motor/VisionGross MotorSpeech and Language
6 weeksSmilesFixes and follows to the midlineHolds head when held in sitting positionSqueals
2 monthsPays attention to faces; starts to cry when getting boredFixes and follows past the midline; hands are predominantly openLifts head to 45 degrees; starting to weight-bearCooing; turns head towards sound
4 monthsLikes to play with people; laughsReaches with one hand for objects; brings hands togetherFull head control; can roll from front to backBabbling; different cries depending on need
6 monthsRecognises familiar faces; may become excited when hearing stepsTransfers objects; palmar grasp; puts objects in mouthRolls both ways; starting to sit without support; watches hands purposefully; Drinks from a cup and feeds from a spoonResponds to his name; makes sounds to show happiness or discomfort
9 monthsStranger anxiety; separation distress; has a favourite toy; plays peek-a-booUses pincer grasp to pick up a cube; looks for hidden objects; releases objects by dropping; bangs two cubes togetherCrawls; pulls to stand; stands with supportUnderstands 'no'; copies sounds
12 monthsWaves; exhibits preference for his main caregiver; uses objects correctly (e.g. hairbrush, cup)Points with index finger; shakes,bangs or throws objects; uses pincer grasp to pick up small objectsCruises; may take a few steps without supportSays 'mama' and 'dada'; responds to simple requests
18 monthsPoints to pictures in a book; uses a spoon and cupScribbles; builds a tower of 2-3 cubes; turns pages (2-3 at a time)Throws objects; runs stiffly; kicks a ballUses several words; knows three body parts
24 monthsLearning to share and take turns; parallel playBuilds a tower of 6-7 cubes; turns page (one at a time); draws a vertical line; circular scribblesCan walk on tiptoes; runs; up and down stairs (one by one); throws and kicks a balluses two word sentences; can follow a simple command;
36 monthsStarts to make friends; dresses with supervisionCuts paper with scissors; copies O and V with a pencil; eats with fork and spoonCatches a ball; jumps; rides a tricycleGives his name, age and sex; knows three colours
4 yearsPretend play (role-playing); cooperative play; dresses without supervisionCan draw a face; uses a knife and fork; builds a tower of 10 or more cubesHops; up and down stairs with alternate feetAsks 'why' and 'how' questions; knows first and last name
5 yearsUnderstands rules; has a sense of humourCuts out shapes with scissors; ties shoelaces; colous within the linesSkipsfluent speech; likes telling stories




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