ECG intervals by age


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AgeHR(bpm)QRS axis (degrees)PR interval (sec)QRS interval (sec)R in V1S in V1R in V6S in V6
1st week90-16060-1800.08-0.150.03-0.085-26mm0-23mm0-12mm0-10mm
1-3 week100-18045-1600.08-0.150.03-0.083-21mm0-16mm2-16mm0-10mm
1-2 mo120-18030-1350.08-0.150.03-0.083-18mm0-15mm5-21mm0-10mm
3-5 mo105-1850-1350.08-0.150.03-0.083-20mm0-15mm6-22mm0-10mm
6-11 mo110-1700-1350.07-0.160.03-0.082-20mm0.5-20mm6-23mm0-7mm
1-2 yr90-1650-1100.08-0.160.03-0.082-18mm0.5-21mm6-23mm0-7mm
3-4 yr70-1400-1100.09-0.170.04-0.081-18mm0.5-21mm4-24mm0-5mm
5-7 yr65-1400-1100.09-0.170.04-0.080.5-14mm0.5-24mm4-26mm0-4mm
8-11 yr60-130neg 15-1100.09-0.170.04-0.090-14mm0.5-25mm4-25mm0-4mm
12-15 yr65-130neg 15-1100.09-0.180.04-0.090-14mm0.5-21mm4-25mm0-4mm
16 yr and over50-120neg 15-1100.12-0.200.05-0.100-14mm0.5-23mm4-21mm0-4mm

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