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The high yield respiratory examination: David Krieser at DFTB19


One of the challenges of paediatrics is how to distill a life of experience down to something more tangible. When you are asked “How did you know s/he was sick?” you need to be able to give a better answer than “I just know”. In this session from DFTB19  we challenged three clinicians to explain just why they think the way they do.






This talk was recorded live at DFTB19 in London, England. With the theme of  “The Journey” we wanted to consider the journeys our patients and their families go on, both metaphorical and literal. DFTB20 will be held in Brisbane, Australia.

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2 thoughts on “The high yield respiratory examination: David Krieser at DFTB19”

  1. Excellent talk. Great idea to use our most basic skills- look, listen and feel.
    I wonder if I could suggest: when it come to feel would the “ feeling in our own gut” the intuition, the hunch also count as a “ feel”
    Thanks again for another unmissable bubble. I am a wannabe wizard and with my Elder Wand in site now I can practice your magic ?

    1. Hi Shilpa
      Thanks for your comment. Agree with you about going with your “feeling”. If the “feeling in your gut” is founded on good clinical skills then it will be an important factor in clinical decision making.