An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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I can guess your weight


Before we can do anything to a child in the emergency department we need to know how much they weigh. We have weight-based formulas for everything from the dose of antibiotic we prescribe to the size and length of the endotracheal tube we insert. In another post examining one of the basic premises of what…

Tricks and Treats


It is that time of year when those of our friends in the ex-colonies are adorning their houses with the remnants of Cucurbita pepo, carved into the facsimile of long dead relatives. Over in Australia the celebration of All Hallows’ Eve has not hit American proportions but some children still go from door to door…

Can you see what I see?

When it comes to imaging children we are all about the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) approach. One of the best ways to do this is not to use radiation at all. Unfortunately not all of us can be Casey Parker, and so we might need some help with our ultrasound skills.



The Social Media And Critical Care conference has always held a special place in our hearts at Don’t Forget The Bubbles.  It was shortly after the inaugural Antipodean extravaganza that the seed was sown for this website.  After going live in 2013 we have grown from a team of four people with a shared vision…

Coffee culture

Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world (according to me at least). It’s the city that is home of the deconstructed latte and coffee bars can be found on most street corners. Every morning I am woken at 5-ish by one of my children calling out to me.  After the yell of “Daaaaaddy“, the…