Paediatric Research Priorities

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Tagg, A. Paediatric Research Priorities, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at:

In order to help us all keep up to date the DFTB team and friends scour a great many journals to fill the monthly edition of Bubble Wrap. Given the large volume of research already out there that has not made it from the journal to the bedside, the major research agencies have been trying…

Focus on PEM POCUS

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Snelling, C. Focus on PEM POCUS, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at:

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is a disruptive technology that has the potential to change the standard way children are evaluated and managed, particularly in the paediatric emergency medicine (PEM) department.  POCUS is a complex skill that needs to be broken down into bite sized components and the aim of this new DFTB series will give you…

Steroids for pre-school wheeze

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Davis, T. Steroids for pre-school wheeze, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at:

Wheeze must be one of the most common paediatric presentations to the emergency department and up till now most of us have been reassuring parents and sending them away without treatment. But should we be doing more?  A paper, released just last week, suggests that we could.

The program for DFTB18 is live!

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{author_last_name}, D. The program for DFTB18 is live!, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at:

With just over six months to go until our sophomore conference, DFTB18 ,in Melbourne it is time for us to reveal some of our fantastic line-up. We’ve come up with the overarching theme of Science & Story to reflect our mix of personal narrative and up-to-date medicine. We know that we cannot be everything to…

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