I am a semi-retired NHS Consultant and Honorary Professor in Paediatric Neurology at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool having undertaken my postgraduate training in paediatrics (Newcastle, Plymouth, Bristol) and in paediatric neurology (Vancouver, Newcastle, Paris), and undergraduate training at the Universities of Oxford and London. My goals as a consultant in paediatric neurology have included trying to improve the services of children with epilepsy, liaison between the ‘ivory towers’ and ‘mud huts’, and ‘education, education, education’ within the field of epilepsy and brain injury rehabilitation.


Paediatrics has been blessed with not one, but two, really important randomised controlled trials on status epilepticus coming to fruition in the last months. PREDICT’s ConSEPT study was reported at #DFTB18 and now the EcLiPSE study, supported by PERUKI, has just released its headline results.