An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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Phone a Friend

As supervisor for the latest batch of interns that come through our emergency department I get to nurture them straight out of medical school, before the cynicism of the ward service sets in. It’s never the medicine that is a challenge, but the hidden curriculum that they are not taught in medical school. This time…

It’s more of a guideline


This post accompanies the talk I gave at the Victorian Emergency Clinical Care Network (ECCN) event at the MCG in Melbourne. My remit was to talk about the role of clinical practice guidelines within the context of paediatric emergency medicine.

Mechanical CPR in children


Sometimes a single tweet can stir up something deep inside me that I want to know the answer to.  This time it was Jim DuCanto, airway guru. Since this is a blog about paediatrics I won’t go into my opinions about mechanical CPR (mCPR) in grown ups. I’ll leave it to Robbie Simpson to rant…

The Hidden Curriculum – Empathy


When I mentioned the importance of acting as a role model in a recent post the esteemed Daniel Cabrera tweeted a short response – “Empathy, that’s all“. So what is it? Can we do without it? And if we can’t is it something we are born with or is it something we can learn and,…

That’s Entertainment

As a birthday treat (mine not hers) my five year old daughter took me to see Operation Ouch Live! It’s one of the few television shows we watch as a family in our house so I thought I’d share you some (non-clinical) lessons I have learnt from Dr Chris and Dr Xand.