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Organising a conference is no mean feat. Organising it in a country where you don’t even speak the language just ups the ante. This year the Social Media and Critical Care conference, otherwise known as SMACC, will be held in Berlin. Last year’s #SMACCmini  paediatric workshop was one of the highlights of my visit to Dublin. Natalie May put together a smörgåsbord of talent that left everyone feeling more informed about dealing with unwell children.

This year, Tessa Davis and I were very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to join the organizing committee for #SMACCmini. This year’s conference promises to be very different. With just a single main venue, the Tempodrom, and a single speaking track we knew we had to really amp up the critical care component of our workshop in order to appeal to the delegates. With help from old friends Nat, and Tim Horeczko and new friend, Tom Rozen, we hope there is something on the program for everyone.


With talks on everything from managing premature infants for the uninitiated to the role of paediatric ECMO everyone will walk out feeling they have learned something.



Of course not everyone can make it to Germany so if you are worried about missing out on this half day of paediatric goodness then why not come along to the inaugural Don’t Forget The Bubbles conference in Brisbane later this year. To miss one paediatric spectacular would be a shame, to miss the other… it doesn’t bear thinking about.

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