The DFTB Podcast: Ibuprofen and Chickenpox

We all know that chickenpox can be really unpleasant for children and their parents are often anxious to make them feel better by bringing the temperature down. So there’s no harm in treating them with ibuprofen, is there? Or could the Facebook groups be right and ibuprofen should be avoided at all costs. In this podcast, originally recorded for ‘2 Paeds In A Pod’ Ian Lewins attempts to get to the truth with Dr Alasdair Munro, a clinical research fellow in Paediatric Infectious Diseases based in Southampton.

Author: Ian Lewins Ian is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant based in Derby. He loves #FOAMed, Apple products, Comics, running and his family. In that order. He dislikes cauliflower cheese.

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