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The DFTB Podcast – Antibiotic Myth Busting


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Antibiotics. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of giving a child in our department a course of antibiotics “just in case”. After all, what harm can it do? In this week’s podcast we talk to Dr Alasdair Munro, a Clinical Research Fellow in Paediatric Infectious Diseases about this and much more as we go antibiotic myth busting!!

About the authors

  • Ian is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant based in Derby. He loves #FOAMed, Apple products, Comics, running and his family. In that order. He dislikes cauliflower cheese.


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2 thoughts on “The DFTB Podcast – Antibiotic Myth Busting”

  1. Really interesting podcast. Thought provoking. Just need to get the medical team I work with to listen to this now. I will be showing them this link. Thank you

  2. Fantastic podcast! Thanks so much both for producing. Very helpful to have clear confident discussion about many aspects of antibiotic prescribing I had often thought could be myth didn’t want to ask!
    A real practice changer!



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