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Diversity in speakers at events


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At DFTB we work hard to ensure that we have diversity and equity on our panels and conference speakers. We still have work to do and keep trying to improve each year. We also feel we have an individual responsibility when we are invited to speak at events to encourage others to think about their own speaker body. We have put together the statement below. We encourage you to sign up and commit to including this statement in your reply when you are invited to speak at event. Hopefully as more people do this, more organisers will reflect and make change.


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When you are invited to speak at an event, include the following in your reply:

Thank you for inviting me to speak at *replace with your event name*. As a member of the Don’t Forget The Bubbles community, I have made a commitment to ensuring gender and diversity balance at any event I speak at. Could you let me know your plan for a balanced and representative speaker line up?

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