Minor burns

Jasmina, a five old girl, is brought in by her mother after a Sunday afternoon barbecue.  Having had very little for breakfast she became very excited when the burgers came out and reached out to grab one from the grill burning her hand.  Bottom line Simple first aid is often forgotten and cold running water…

Penile problems

A 5 year old boy, Kayden, is brought in by  his mother as she is concerned that there is something wrong with his penis – every time he tries to pass urine it balloons in his foreskin and goes all over the floor.

Doing nothing is sometimes hard

It’s 6.30pm in a busy children’s Emergency Department. Archie, 19 months, presents with his mother and grand-father. At triage his mother say he hasn’t been well for a couple of days but today he has gone off his food and has had a high temperature.

Ketamine for procedural sedation

The role of ketamine in procedural sedation has already been covered thoroughly and fabulously on FOAM.  So we are not going to replicate all that hard work here.  Instead check out the links below which cover everything you need to know; and read our very brief overview.