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How should we deal with racist carers?


There are some things that we should not tolerate, but we do, for the sake of the children we look after. Just how should we manage parents or carers that want to change treating clinicians on the basis of their skin colour? Qureshi et al. asked that question.

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About the authors

  • Dr Zeshan Qureshi is a Paediatric Registrar based in London. He edits the Unofficial Guide to Medicine textbook series and speaks passionately about race and wellbeing issues in medicine. Having just had twins, he is currently taking time out to study issues around race and medicine at Cambridge University.

  • Dr Mehrunisha Suleman is the Director of Medical Ethics and Law Education at the University of Oxford. She has spent a decade working on health inequalities and barriers to accessing equitable healthcare

  • Alexandra Richards is a final year medical student at Cardiff University and the current Vice President for the UK Aspiring Paediatrics Society.

  • Julian Sheather is an ethicist and writer. He works in medical and humanitarian ethics and engages in questions of global justice.

  • ​Dr ​Hugh Bishop is a Paediatric Oncologist and Clinical Director. He has fought racism since childhood and is still learning how best to advocate for equality for all people.


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