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Introducing the curriculum mapping team


One of the most wonderful things about DFTB is the tireless effort of our community of friends, friends who keep things bubbling away behind the scenes, never asking for recognition or thanks, but who help make DFTB as wonderful as it is.

Since DFTB’s conception in 2013, we’ve published over 1000 posts (1062 as of Christmas Eve 2020 – that’s phenomenal). In the background, our fabulous curriculum mapping team have been reading all our publications and mapping them to not one, not two… but five acute paediatric curricula from postgraduate colleges in the UK and Australasia. Just over a year ago the curriculum mapping team had mapped 102 posts of a little over 800 published. Now, 13 months later, a ginormous 900 post have been read, digested and mapped to each of the five curricula. We’ll unveil the curriculum tags in 2021 but until then, let us introduce you to the curriculum mapping team.

Dani and Henry are the lead and delegate of the team. But the recognition must go to these lovely people:

Aaron Buiza – joined October 2019. Aaron is a medical student from The University of Queensland who just wants to be a kind, wise and happy physician. He dreams of running a community paediatrics clinic one day. When procrastinating from his flashcard reviews, you can find him cooking up a new dish, trying out different restaurants in the city or playing board games with friends

Aisling Clarke – joined October 2020. Aisling is a final year medical student at University College Dublin, Ireland. She recently completed her paediatric rotation and fell in love with the speciality. In her spare time, she loves all things outdoors, especially running, sea swims and sunsets.

Stevie Barry – joined November 2020. Stevie is a medical student in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with a keen interest in paediatrics and education. When he’s procrastinating his studies, he enjoys playing rugby, walking his dogs and spending time with friends and family.

Emma Chan – joined June 2019. Emma is a resident based in Brisbane, Australia. She loves teaching gym classes and going on long walks paired with a cosy mocha and almond croissant in hand.

Gemma Cooper-Hopson – joined December 2020. Gemma lives in England and is close to completing her training in General Paediatrics with an interest in High Dependency care.  She has two young girls, two dogs, a hamster and a husband. She enjoys cake, wine, the outdoors and afternoon naps. 

Diluxshy Elangaratnam – joined December 2020. Diluxshy is a paediatric registrar who has combined her love for medical education with clinical training. She enjoys seeing the light bulb moment when medical students have understood a diagnosis almost as much as she enjoys meticulously testing flat whites in St Albans. 

Jillian Fagan – joined October 2020. Jillian is a final year medical student in University College Dublin in Ireland and has just finished her placement in paediatrics. She has always thought she wanted to do paediatrics, but her emergency department placement piqued her interest in the speciality! In her spare time, she loves anything to do with music and cooking.

Jessica Hawkins – joined April 2019. Jessica is excited to start her role as an intern at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in 2021. She has a keen interest in paediatrics and all of the wonderful joy and bubbles that it brings. She has a passion for all things sweet (brownies especially), enjoys experimenting with watercolour painting, and indulging in the perfect wine and cheese combo!

Barbara Jedelsky – joined October 2019. Barbara is a resident based in Cairns, Queensland. When not working, you can find her at the beach, and enjoying spending time with family and friends.

Ailbe Keane – joined October 2020. Ailbe is a final year medical student at University College Dublin, Ireland, with a particular interest in paediatrics. Outside of university she loves baking, running, swimming in the sea and spending time with her friends, family and dogs.

Demi Murphy – joined April 2019. Demi is originally from western Canada. She is currently an RBWH intern and is very excited to join the 2021 paediatrics team at QCH for her JHO year! She hopes to pursue a career in General Paediatrics and as the founder of UQ’s Paediatric Medicine Society she hopes to continue to help facilitate medical students with an interest in paediatric medicine to do the same. In her spare time Demi loves singing, rock climbing, and spending time with family.

Tulsi Patel – joined December 2020. Tulsi is a paediatric trainee in London. She has a passion for learning and teaching and is easily distracted by puppies and cake!

Alexandra Pelivan – joined October 2020. Alexandra is a PEM grid trainee in Leicester, UK. She is passionate about facilitating trainees’ access to PEM resources, but also enjoys adolescent emergency medicine and is interested in ways of making debriefing easier. When not at work, she says she will likely be in a coffee shop.

Calvin Skews – joined October 2019. Calvin is a paediatric trainee based in Newcastle, Australia. When not on the wards, you will find Calvin on a bushwalk, at the beach, or sipping coffee while enjoying a good book

Leah Tyndall – joined December 2020. Leah is a graduate entry medical student with a background in biomedical engineering. Her biggest interests are in paediatrics and neonatology, as well as in medical technology and device design.

This is our way of saying thank you to these hard-working people for helping make DFTB so special. Thank you.




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