Paediatric emergency physician interested in education, retrieval medicine and simulation. Lives in Brisbane where he enjoys falling off his mountain bike and being outsmarted by his pre-teen children.

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Seize the data

The theme of the DFTB18 conference is “Science and Story” and Stuart Dalziel brought an explosion of science to the Melbourne stage today by describing, for the first time in an open forum, the results of one of the most eagerly awaited trials of the year.

Sweet and Salty – fluids in DKA

During our training in paediatric emergency medicine most of us will have been cautioned repeatedly of the dangers of over-zealous fluid administration in children with diabetic ketoacidosis. Cerebral oedema is the feared complication of this disease process and, as traditional wisdom would have it, either rapid fluid administration or the use of any hypotonic IV…

You want how much?!

In discussion with your local PICU you have decided you are going to have to intubate the septic 11 month old in front of you. You know what you need; a fluid bolus, an adrenaline infusion, then a little bit of ketamine and some rocuronium, with push dose adrenaline on the side just in case….

PARIS in the autumn


As the days get shorter for those of us in the Southern hemisphere it inevitably means that bronchiolitis season is on its way. So far studying bronchiolitis has left us with a big list of things that don’t work – steroids, salbutamol, adrenaline, antibiotics. Chest  x-rays don’t help and NPAs don’t give us any information…

The ideal paediatric resuscitation


The first few minutes of a paediatric resuscitation are intimidating and crucial. Every basic life support update we do drills the DRSABCD mnemonic. The team from Princess Margaret in Perth have made this excellent video of what it ought to look like. Enjoy. If you want to be able to run a calmer resuscitation come…