Dr Angela Clarke MBBS, DCH is a paediatric trainee based in Brisbane, Queensland. She has a special interest in General Paediatrics, Medical Education and Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, cooking and exploring South East Queensland by land and sea.

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Constipation week – Day 4: Evidence on Tough Topics

Bottom line: (pun definitely intended!) A PR examination should only be undertaken by a doctor competent to interpret features of anatomical abnormalities or Hirschsprung’s disease e.g. paediatric surgeons TFTs and coeliac screen should only be ordered by specialists in patients with intractable constipation Abdominal xrays and abdominal ultrasounds are not recommended to aid diagnosis of…

Constipation Week – Day 1: The Basics


A 7-year-old boy is brought in by his mother with faecal soiling for 6 months. He has a bowel motion every second day.  Some days these are ‘giant’ stools, other days, small pellets.  He soils his pants up to 5-6 times per week, usually in the daytime and is being bullied at school. He complains…