Steroids in Wheeze: Meredith Borland at DFTB18

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This talk was recorded live at DFTB18 in Melbourne, Australia. With the theme of ‘Science and Story’ we pushed our speakers to step out of their comfort zones and consider why we do what we do. Caring for children is not just about acquiring the scientific knowhow but also about taking a look beyond a diagnosis or clinical conundrum at the patient and their families. Tickets for DFTB19, which will be held in London, UK, are now on sale from

Last year, at DFTB17, Katie Reeves started a conversation around the management of wheeze in infancy. This year were were very privileged to have a world leading researcher give us her take on it.

Meredith Borland is a founding member of the PREDICT collaborative and has led a number of key studies in the field of paediatric emergency medicine. In this talk she goes through the recent PREVIEW (Prednisolone Response Evaluation in Viral Induced Episodic Wheeze) study.

Foster SJ, Cooper MN, Oosterhof S, Borland ML. Oral prednisolone in preschool children with virus-associated wheeze: a prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 2018 Jan 17.

There are a number of controversies in the management of pre-school kids with wheeze, not least the challenge in making a diagnosis. A lot of parents might bring their child to the ED thinking that their offspring has asthma but bronchodilator responsive wheeze is incredibly common and not all of these children go on to be formally diagnosed as asthmatic.

So what do we do in this middle group that don’t have bronchiolitis and don’t have asthma. Listen to Meredith Borland to find out what she recommends.



Meredith Borland with Arjun Rao

Tessa wrote about steroids for pre-school wheeze here and had a chat about them with Ken Milne on episode #206 of the SGEM.

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