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WILTW: resus and PPE in the time of COVID


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In this week’s COVID Catch up the issue of communication in resuscitation situations when all team members are in full PPE is explored, and carrying on the PPE theme, the importance of not mixing messages is highlighted.
If the wrong advice is given staff members may start using up the very PPE you are running short of. Concern is increasing about collateral damage from late presentations as a result of parent anxiety about coming to hospital and a recent paper reviews the health economics of High Flow Humidified oxygen (relevant to reducing its use where it is deemed to be an Aerosol generating procedure – AGP).
Finally the importance of designating (or not) chest compressions as an AGP discussed.

About the authors

  • Damian Roland is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Honorary Associate Professor. His research interests include scoring systems in emergency and acute care and educational evaluation. Damian also chairs PERUKI (Paediatric Emergency Research United Kingdom and Ireland), which gives him and the team an opportunity to raise awareness of the important of research and evidence based practice at scale. The list of the many things Damian hasn’t done or achieved is far longer but through these he learns and develops new ideas.


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