Happy Holidays!


The team at Don’t Forget The Bubbles would like to wish all of those who come and visit us online a happy holiday season. To make sure it is a good one we’ll leave you with this paper from the aptly named Journal of Happiness Studies… Kasser T, Sheldon KM. What makes for a merry…

Our Friends in the North


As Christmas approaches I still cannot get used to it in the southern hemisphere. Coming from England I am used to a cold, dark, and often wet, festive season, with its attendant medical problems. I was reminded of this whilst listening to the latest podcast from Ken Milne and the Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine.



You can keep staring at the 3 year old’s deep eyebrow laceration, desperate to glue it, but you know it needs to be sutured. Now what?   Injured or distressed children present us with difficulties in the emergency department. Children experience a more intense physical and emotional reaction to painful or threatening procedures than adults….

Navel Gazing

Love them or hate them, everyone* has one. The umbilical stump is all that remains of the physical bond the neonate has with their mother.  We’ve looked at the importance of the umbilical vessels as a means of oxygenation, but the time must come to cut the cord. The normal umbilical cord For those of you familiar…

Ready, steady…


It started four years ago. I squirm uncomfortably just thinking about it. I had been a doctor for 9 years, and performed many procedures on children and babies with no problems – cannulas, lumbar punctures, skin biopsies, central lines, chest drains, umbilical lines, intubations, CPR, defibrillation. This was just suturing.

Eye emergencies – quiz

Anatomy Label all the parts of the following diagram: Label all the parts of the following diagram: History and examination: Trauma directly to the globe is associated with what pattern of orbital injury? True or false: Trauma to the lower orbital rim is commonly associated with minor orbital injury? Eye lid laceration may be a…