Urine collection


Urine, the other amber nectar, is something we seem to want to check in nearly every unwell appearing child.  But what do you do if they just don’t want to go?  You’ve filled them up with icy poles or dilute apple juice and you are just waiting for a sample to be produced.  As a…

Blue Ringed Octopus

One of the highlights of the holiday season, here in Australia, is being able to go to the beach (please don’t try this in the north). Victoria is one of the safer states when it comes to dangerous critters but the local news has reported sightings of another of the ‘world’s deadliest creatures’ at my…

The 2nd Bubble Wrap

With millions upon millions of journal articles being published every year it is impossible to keep up.  Every month we ask some of our friends from the world of paediatrics to point out something that has caught their eye.

Looking back, Looking forward


One of the nice things about living in Australia is being amongst the first to welcome in the new year.  As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 creeps out from under duvet, it is time to take a look back at the last year on DFTB.

Mandible x-rays

An orthopantomogram (OPG) is a good view to demonstrate most mandibular fractures.   A PA mandible shows the displacement of fractures. It also demonstrates symphysis menti fractures which can be missed on the OPG. If an OPG cannot be obtained, a lateral view can be helpful. The body and ramus can be viewed along with…

Ears looking at you, kid

Earache is a leading cause of grumpiness in children.  A recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine has suggested that a 10 day course of antibiotics is more effective than a 5 day course in treating acute otitis media and, as such, should be considered in infants under 2 years with otitis media. But…