Coping with errors

When you lie in bed at night and have moments of reflection about your work, what do you think about? The patient whose abnormal blood result you didn’t spot? The time you prescribed the wrong drug dose for a patient? The child who died unexpectedly and you wonder what you should have done differently?

The ideal paediatric resuscitation


The first few minutes of a paediatric resuscitation are intimidating and crucial. Every basic life support update we do drills the DRSABCD mnemonic. The team from Princess Margaret in Perth have made this excellent video of what it ought to look like. Enjoy. If you want to be able to run a calmer resuscitation come…

Mechanical CPR in children


Sometimes a single tweet can stir up something deep inside me that I want to know the answer to.  This time it was Jim DuCanto, airway guru. Since this is a blog about paediatrics I won’t go into my opinions about mechanical CPR (mCPR) in grown ups. I’ll leave it to Robbie Simpson to rant…

The 3rd Bubble Wrap

With millions upon millions of journal articles being published every year it is impossible to keep up.  Every month we ask some of our friends from the world of paediatrics to point out something that has caught their eye.

Night shifts


You aren’t evolved to be awake at night. Your brain and body expect to be asleep during your biological night, so they can get on with the business of sleep, the essential caretaking tasks sleep does for you, when your eyes close and you dream the night away, The physiological drive that pushes you into…