A Christmas Carol


Everyone has holiday traditions – one of ours was watching A Christmas Carol. Whether you prefer George C. Scott, Michael Caine, or Bill Murray as the cantankerous Ebeneeezer Scrooge it is hard to watch it and not think ‘What if?’. Charles Dickens serialized tale was first published in 1843 and nearly 120 years later ‘A…

Atopic dermatitis

This month’s Podcast of the Month is from The Medical Journal of Australia. In a 15 minute podcast Prof Alan Cooper (Dermatologist, Royal North Shore Hospital) discusses what’s new in eczema management and, perhaps more importantly, what hasn’t changed. Which kids respond well to ultraviolet light therapy? If you only get the itch to listen…

Branding livers


An eminent surgeon made headline news in 2013 when he was found to have branded his initials on his patient’s liver. This week he made the news again as he pleaded guilty to assault. But is branding livers was really a big deal at all?