Medication errors


Can you remember everything you were asked to do today? These days I consider myself lucky if I remember to wear trousers for work.

A Difficult Beast

A 14 year old girl was brought in by her family with lethargy, agitation, and confusion. Her past medical history includes depression and a recent viral upper respiratory tract infection.   Bottom Line: Encephalitis is caused by inflammation of the brain and is difficult to diagnose and manage. Up to 50% of patients experience short-term…

DFTB17 – your feedback

DFTB17 has been and gone. We were really happy with how much you all embraced what we were trying to do and just enjoyed yourselves. It seems like we have set a high bar for next year, and so we want to do as much as we can to make DFTB18 excellent. Damian Roland’s post…

The Road… Not Taken

Every now and then there is a presentation or talk that you have to give, that you have been waiting a long time to do. This is one of mine that has been floating around in my head for sometime looking for the right occasion. DFTB17 was the right occasion.

DFTB17 – T minus 1

Tessa, Henry, Ben and I came together online back in 2013. We’ve achieved more than we ever thought we could – we’ve been editors of the EMA and published 10 papers. We’ve curated over 500 blogs posts from over 50 authors and now we are running our first conference. Today, Sunday, is a pinnacle moment….



Ian, I’ve done some ‘routine bloods’ and…” are the words most likely to induce an elevation in my blood pressure at work. I’m not alone in detesting the taking of ‘routine bloods’ – if the test you’re doing isn’t going to change your management then don’t do it.