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DFTB COVID Global Meetings


The DFTB team has organised a series of online meetings in March. These meetings have the aim of connecting the paediatric emergency medicine communities – in the UK, in Aus/NZ, and globally.

The meetings are being recorded and will be accessible to those who registered. They are password protected.

If you would like to request access to any of the meetings, please register. The form to register is at the bottom of this page.


UK PEM Meeting – Thursday 25th June 2020

If you registered you can watch the videos here:




UK PEM Meeting – Thursday 14th May 2020

If you registered you can watch the videos here:


UK PEM Meeting – 17th March & 8th April 2020

If you registered you can watch the videos here:

8th April 2020

17th March 2020

See Grace Leo’s fabulous summary:



Clinician Care – 30th March 2020

Watch our recording right here.


Global PEM Meeting – 24th March 2020

See Grace Leo’s fabulous summary:

If you registered you can watch the video here:

ANZ PEM Meeting – 19th March 2020

See Grace Leo’s fabulous summary:

And if you registered you can watch the video here:



Register here to access the recordings:

About the authors

  • Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


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18 thoughts on “DFTB COVID Global Meetings”

  1. Hi Tessa and others
    The webinar was v valuable.
    Do I need to re register for every consecutive meeting. Could u send a link to register for the next uk

  2. Hi I can not access my work email remotely and I am currently at home. Can the login details for the meeting be sent to our personal email addresses also? We are on restrictive movements in the uk and I don’t want to take my own children into the hospital on my day off to access my work email account

  3. Thanks for sharing the last updated data concerning corona virus.
    I am a pediatrician from iran and ready to assist you to overcome…covid-19.
    Best regards,

  4. Im trying to register for tonights webinar and for these past ones but not getting an email link for registration. Please help!

  5. Hi – I stupidly let safari choose a ‘difficult’ password and didn’t come up here as only asked for password.
    Can you help to access

  6. Thanks so much to all who were involved in organising this excellent and informative event, and the author of the beautiful notes! I just wanted to check where I can find the list of articles which were referenced in the opening of the meeting regarding morbidity and mortality? Apologies if I have missed this. Thank you all for your hard work, it is much appreciated.



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