Tessa Davis is a paediatric emergency registrar from Glasgow and Sydney, but currently living in London. Tessa tries to spend time with her 3 kids in between shifts. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

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Overdosing paracetamol

This week saw an alert from the Therapeutic Goods Administration about measuring doses using the syringe provided with the Panadol Colourfree Suspension for 1-5 year olds.   The syringe provided with the medicine measures differently from most other syringe known to mankind. The correct way to measure is from the top of the plunger. The image…

Day 5: Bone marrow transplant

In cases where leukaemia has not responded to treatment, or when the patient relapses, then a bone marrow transplant is a common course of treatment. Bone marrow transplants are used with the aim of completely resetting the patients immunity. View all our Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Week posts There are huge psychosocial implications for families during…

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – tumour lysis syndrome

Treating leukaemia produces its own complications. The most common time to have complications is during induction. For any new presentations of tumours, or for patients at the start of treatment, be aware of tumour lysis and how it can present. View all our Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Week posts Tumour lysis syndrome is most commonly seen…

The effect of oximetry on hospital admission for bronchiolitis


Bronchiolitis is a very common presentation to paediatric emergency departments. In the absence of any effective treatments, most of care focuses around supportive measures e.g. oxygen or feeding supplementation. There is no clear cut-off for the requirement for supplemental oxygen, but this generally varies between 90 and 95% saturation. These cut-offs are often used for…


Jenna presents to ED with a mild exacerbation of her asthma and a temp. She seems to have improved and is about to be sent home when the registrar notices that her platelet count is 600 x 109 Will this just resolve or should we do something about it?