Siobhán is a paediatric nurse and a self-professed #emergencynerd with particular interests in clinical research, paediatric pain management and procedural sedation in the emergency department. Since finishing her PhD, Siobhán has reclaimed her hobbies which include music, gymnastics and travel.

Securing funding for your research

Money, makes the world go round and the research world is no different. Funding is a key element which can potentially stand in the way of making our research proposal a reality. My experience, along with anecdotal evidence from colleagues would suggest that, the quest for funding remains the toughest part to getting you research…

Navigating the Sea of Clinical Literature


  “If we choose to change nothing, then nothing will change” I started with this because, there is no two ways about it, clinical research can be hard. It’s not the new Gucci piece of kit everyone wants to use but it is the foundation of healthcare as we know it. If we want things…

Choosing your research topic

Siobhán McCoy shares her first post in our new DFTB research section – how to choose your topic and then how to develop the all important research question. Cite this article as: McCoy, S. Choosing your research topic, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2017. Available at: