Mark is an emergency physician at Bankstown Hospital in Sydney who has a lifelong dream of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest rats tail in history. Should he fail to fulfil this dream his fallback plan is to create a super army of elite emergency doctors through his work in medical education.

Burning Out


Do you ever feel that everyone seems to have amazing coping skills yet you seem to be the only one who struggles with even the most basic aspects of “adulting”? Why does everyone else seem to live this perfect life and achieve so much, yet make it seem like it’s no big deal? Well, apparently…

Changing workplace culture


Perhaps it saddened her that some of her smart and beautiful colleagues were becoming versions of themselves that were unrecognisable from the fresh-faced altruistic and happy people who she had met in first year medical school. Perhaps she saw an inevitable future of a workplace that is becoming increasingly time-pressured and hostile and angry. Perhaps…



It’s 5pm and as the paediatric registrar, you are handing over your patients to the evening team. As you are talking, you look at the team. Their eyes are glazed and they are staring into the middle distance. Was it something you said? There are over 30 different types of cognitive decisions to respond, but…