Erin is a Paediatric Endocrinology Fellow at one of the shiniest hospitals in the country, and has an interest in medical ethics. She’s heard it said that no-one has ever been happier to take a call about a blood sugar, and when she’s not working spends as much time snorkelling as possible. She believes the best hot chocolate in the world is from Quebec City on a -25◦C day, and challenges you to find a better one.

Pyloric stenosis

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Key points: Think of pyloric stenosis in a vomiting infant. Only about 1 in 7 cases will have the classic triad of projectile vomiting, visible peristalsis and the palpable “olive”. Hypokalemia suggests several weeks of symptoms. Ultrasound is the most common diagnostic modality, in addition to Hx & Examination. Rehydrate and correct electrolyte disturbances before…