Dr. Damian Roland is a consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. His research interests include non-biomarker based methodologies of identifying acutely ill children and the evaluation of medical education initiatives and practice changing interventions. He was a member of the project team for www.spottingthesickchild.com and is the developer of the award winning Paediatric Observation Priority Score (http://bit.ly/popstool). He fiddles with technology and is co-director of www.quackapps.com. When not distracted by twitter or his blog (rolobotrambles.wordpress.com) he spends time with his two daughters. He is constantly amazed that, despite being a paediatrician, how much they have to teach him.

Simon Craig is an emergency physician working in the paediatric ED at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. He has a strong interest in medical education and clinical research, and is an active member of the PREDICT network. He wrote the Monash Children’s Paediatric Emergency Medication Book, and was an editor of the recently released 3rd edition of the Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He is undertaking a PhD in acute severe asthma, however, has in recent months discovered how much time can be wasted on Twitter

Link to PREDICT: www.predict.org.au

Link to Monash Book: www.monashchildrenshospital.org/resuscitation