Dr Chris Partyka is an advanced trainee in Emergency Medicine working at Liverpool Hospital, NSW. Chris is one of the rare ED docs with an Australian accent! He has a keen interest in medical education, ultrasound & coffee. He also authors thebluntdissection blog & tries to out-smart his paediatric patient's with a sound knowledge of cartoons.

Massive transfusion protocol

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A 6 year old male is bought to your ED by local ambulance following a 5-6 metre fall from the roof of his family home. He had been trying to get his tennis ball that was stuck in the second story gutter when he slipped and fell to the concrete ground below, landing on his left hand side.

Status epilepticus

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The batphone rings at 5am. You are given a 5 minute ‘heads up’ by paramedics regarding a 3 year old child they are rushing to you with lights & sirens. She has a history of seizure disorder and has been actively seizing for 45 minutes….