An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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Fighting fires


One question I am asked almost every day at work is whether to give paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen to reduce a childs’ fever. Today’s paper takes a look at just that question.

Alarm fatigue

It is easy to be bamboozled by the amazing technology we have at our fingertips – portable monitors, ultrasound machines, tricorders – but you only really need to know one button. It’s that one we all instinctively reach for before have even assessed the patient. It’s the big button marked “Silence“.



As supervisor for the newly qualified clutch of interns swimming through our emergency department I get to nurture them straight out of medical school, before the cynicism of the ward service sets in. It’s never the medicine that is a challenge, but the hidden curriculum that they are not taught in medical school. This is a companion piece…

Hair tourniquets


If you are coming up with a list of causes of the unconsolabale infant, the presence of a hair tourniquet falls very close to the bottom, along with corneal abrasions and hernias. As usual, one of my children* kindly volunteered her own experience as a way to spread the knowledge.

DFTB17 – Frequently Asked Questions

We are very excited to be putting on our very first conference this year in Brisbane, August 28th to 30th 2017. We’ve worked hard to put together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of backgrounds with the hope that there is something for everyone.  Every now and then we get an e-mail or…

Speakers Corner – Ross Fisher

As it gets closer to our inaugural Don’t Forget The Bubbles conference in Brisbane later this year we thought it about time we showcased some of the amazing and inspiring speakers we have lined up for you.  Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences we hope that they will help us all…