Finger Tips

4 year old Dudley is brought into your emergency department by his hysterical mother. In between breathless sobs she tells you how she accidentally slammed the car door shut on his hand.  She is convinced he has lost a finger given how much he is screaming.

Status epilepticus

The batphone rings at 5am. You are given a 5 minute ‘heads up’ by paramedics regarding a 3 year old child they are rushing to you with lights & sirens. She has a history of seizure disorder and has been actively seizing for 45 minutes….

Torn frenulum

Marcus, 15, looks very embarrassed as he is brought into the fast track cubicle by his mother. His shuffling gait and poor eye contact suggest he has a ‘personal problem’ but he doesn’t want to discuss it until his mother leaves.

Peri-orbital vs orbital cellulitis

6-year-old Chardonnay is brought to the emergency department by her mother.  Two or three days ago she noticed what appeared to be a bite on her daughter’s eyelid.  Despite warm compresses her eyelid has become progressively more red and inflamed with the swelling now extending onto her cheek.