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At DFTB we are always welcoming new members to the team. This is a collaborative effort and everyone is welcome.

Please feel free to contact us…

Editors of Don’t Forget The Bubbles

Dr Tessa Davis  Dr Tessa Davis BSC(Hons), MBChB, MA, MRCPCH Paediatric emergency trainee who is passionate about online education, health IT and patient safety. Director of learnmed, developer of GuidelinesForMe, and owner of iClinicalApps. Has the blood of a Glaswegian but currently living in Sydney | View Tessa’s DFTB posts LinkedIn Tessa Davis facebook
IMG_0582  Dr Ben Lawton BSC(Hons) MBChB FRACP. Paediatric emergency physician interested in education, retrieval medicine and simulation. Lives in Brisbane where he enjoys falling off his mountain bike and being outsmarted by his pre-teen children. | View Ben’s DFTB posts LinkedIn Ben facebook
Andy  Dr Andrew Tagg BSC(Hons), MBBS, MRCSEd, FACEM who is committed to education and teaching. He also has an interest in coffee and reading Batman comics. He is currently getting to know Melbourne’s hospitals for ARVas well as working in the ED. | View Andrew’s DFTB posts LinkedIn Andrew Tagg facebook
Dr Henry Goldstein  Dr Henry Goldstein BPharm (Otago), MBBS (Qld), Paediatric Trainee based in Queensland, Australia, Henry is passionate about Adolescent Medicine, Paediatric Emergency & General Paediatrics, with a strong interest in Medical Education & Clinical Teaching. An admitted nerd, ex-pharmacist and ironman with a penchant for Rubik’s Cubes, ‘Dad jokes’ & trivia. | View Henry’s DFTB posts LinkedIn facebook


Authors of Don’t Forget The Bubbles

Ashley Dr Ashley Towers is a paediatric trainee, usually based in Wessex in the UK but currently working in Melbourne, Australia. She has an interest in emergency medicine with a splash of cardiology and critical care for good measure. | View Ashley’s DFTB posts facebook
Dilshad  Dr Dilshad Marikar MBBS Paediatric trainee based in England.  He is interested in all things paediatric with the exception of head lice. Developer of a WETFLAG app. | View Dilshad’s DFTB posts facebook
Loren Yamamoto  Prof Loren Yamamoto MD FAAP FACEP MPH MBA. Professor of pediatrics at the University of Hawaii and a practising pediatric emergency doctor in Honolulu. | View Loren’s DFTB posts facebook
Katie  Dr Katie Knight UK-trained paediatric registrar, currently working in a busy London DGH. Enthusiastic convert to FOAMed, passionate about innovative medical education and simulation training. Creator of PEMGeek. and contributor to ponderingEM. | View Katie’s DFTB posts facebook
Sinéad Davis  Miss Sinéad Davis FRCSI (ORL-HNS), MPhil, MA.
Graduated for UCC, Ireland and moved to Wales to pursue her career in ENT. Working as an ENT consultant in Swansea, Wales since 2007 and has a special interest in Otology and Medical Education, in particular clinical bedside teaching. | View Sinéad’s DFTB posts
Sharryn  Dr Sharryn Gardner MBChB BSc MRCP FRCPCH MPhil. Consultant in Paediatric Emergency and General Paediatrics. Consultant stand-alone Paediatric Emergency Department Ormskirk Hospital, UK. Diploma Solution Focused Practice bringing positive therapy into Emergency. | View Sharryn’s DFTB posts facebook
Chris  Dr Chris Partyka is an advanced trainee in Emergency Medicine working at Liverpool Hospital, NSW. Chris is one of the rare ED docs with an Australian accent! He has a keen interest in medical education, ultrasound & coffee. He also authors thebluntdissection blog & tries to out-smart his paediatric patient’s with a sound knowledge of cartoons.| View Chris’s DFTB posts facebook
Li-Zsa  Dr Li-Zsa Tan MBBS, MRCPCH is an advanced trainee in paediatric gastroenterology and general paediatrics. Based in Sydney as a Fellow in Gastroenterology, she thinks Jean-Luc Picard is the best Star Trek captain EVER and wonders if someone would like to do a coffee run now, please. | View Li-Zsa’s DFTB posts facebook
Prof South is a paediatrician and intensivist based at Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. He regularly blogs on line at Mike’s webpage. | View Mike’s DFTB posts
Ben Reynolds  Ben Reynolds is a paediatric nephrology trainee at Newcastle, UK. He graduated from Edinburgh in 2002, has spent lots of time messing around in paediatrics and a few years doing a PhD in regulatory T cell mechanisms. His particular clinical interests are transplant immunology and adolescent care. He has a black belt in Shin Tai Wa Ryu ju-jitsu, and teaches regularly. | View Ben’s DFTB posts facebook
Charlotte  Dr Charlotte Davies is an ED Trainee, hoping to sub-specialise in PEM. She graduated in 2007 from Leeds University, and has stayed in England ever since – instead migrating from the North to South East London. | View Charlotte’s DFTB posts facebook
Thanos  Dr Thanos Konstantinidis is a paediatric trainee in the North Western Deanery, England. Special interests include GlobalHealth, Medical Leadership, Paediatric Infectious diseases/immunology #NWSOP | View Thanos’s DFTB posts facebook
Paul Hotton  Dr Paul Hotton MBBS BSc (Hons). London based graduate now living and training in Sydney. Interested in Paediatric Endocrinology and Emergency medicine. An enthusiastic competitive swimmer not only in the pool but in the ocean, who can always find time to bake up some desserts to share at work. | View Paul’s DFTB posts facebook
Sam Leighton  Dr Sam Leighton MBChB BMedSci (Hons).
Sam is a junior doctor training in Glasgow, Scotland. Passionate about improving technology in healthcare. Blogs about both. Director and medical apps developer at Polwarth Limited | View Sam’s DFTB posts
Dr Anna Ings  Dr Anna Ings is an ED advanced trainee, doing joint training in PEM.
She is from the UK, and graduated in 2005 from Birmingham University. Anna has been in Sydney since 2007 when she started as an SRMO at St George ED. That is where she found her Australian family! She’s been an ED registrar there since 2009 & there discovered her love of paediatrics. | View Anna’s DFTB posts
Dr Kirsty Short  Dr Kirsty Short is an advanced trainee in emergency medicine, another UK ex-pat on the team and unsuspecting local celebrity through her appearances on ‘Kings Cross ER’. Currently studying for her ACEM fellowship exam, she appreciates the importance of online resources such as DFTB. | View Kirsty’s DFTB posts facebook
Camille  Dr Camille Wu is a paediatric surgeon, working at Sydney Children’s Hospital | View Camille’s DFTB posts facebook
Tim Sell  Tim Sell is a specialist trainee in paediatrics with a special interest in paediatric infectious diseases. | View Tim’s DFTB posts facebook
Dr Louise Watson  Dr Louise Watson is a Paediatric Nephrology trainee based in the North West of England, UK. She is interested in the inflammatory aspects of renal diseases, especially childhood lupus nephritis. | View Louise’s DFTB posts facebook loulou_watson
Dr Sunil Sampath  Dr Sunil Sampath is a paediatric trainee and clinical research fellow in rheumatology based at Liverpool, UK. He enjoys nature walks and biking with his family. | View Sunil’s DFTB posts facebook

 Dr Jasmine Antoine BSc, MBBS, MPH.

Jasmine is an Australian-based advanced trainee in Neonatology & General Paediatrics. She’s passionate about medical education and how social attributes impact health. | View Jasmine’s DFTB posts


Supervisors of Don’t Forget The Bubbles

All our posts are reviewed by a consultant before posting but as with all FOAM we await your online peer review too…

Supervisors include: Arjun Rao, Tommy Tran, Mandy Fletcher, Paul Holmes, Michelle Thompson, Sinéad Davis, Natalie Deuble, Katie Tinning, Stuart Crisp, Antoine Pinto.

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