Stabbings in kids – when and where?

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You cannot have missed the UK media stories about the increase in stabbings in young people; and the data from hospitals in London supports this. This week saw the publication of an article in BMJ Open sharing data from stabbing presentations to a major trauma centre in London.

Want to come to DFTB19?

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After two years in Australia it is time for the Don’t Forget the Bubbles team to take a journey. Whilst it might be just an underground away for some it is a bit further for some of us. With over 70 pitches from speakers from around the world we have taken our time to curate an amazing program for you all.

You can now head over to and take a look!

We are also excited to announce some new workshops.

Join Mary Freer as she brings her Compassion Revolution to England, or sit in with Ross Fisher and Grace Leo and get better at presenting. Or, if they don’t take your fancy then why not join Ian Summers and friends and learn how to take your sim and debriefing to the next level.

Tickets for all of the workshops and the conference itself are now available at

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All the talks will be recorded and put out as podcasts after the event.



Where to from here?

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As #DFTB18 comes to a close in Melbourne the question on everyone’s lips is where to from here. Although it is a lot of work the four of us really love the opportunity to bring Don’t Forget The Bubbles out of the virtual and into the real world.

And so we are excited to announce the world’s worst kept secret….

We have had so many e-mails from our friends in the Northern hemisphere that we thought it was about time we did something for them. So book your leave now.

We’ve already got some amazing keynote speakers lined up and we hope to announce a cracking line up when tickets go on sale in November.