An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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Playground behaviour – in adults

This week Lieutenant General David Morrison AO (Retd) has been invited to my healthcare to a give a talk on workplace bullying and harassment.  Earlier this week I wrote about the pervasiveness of childhood bullying and asked you all to reflect on what it might mean for us at work. In light of recent findings in…

Playground behaviour

This week Lieutenant General David Morrison AO has been invited to my healthcare network to talk about bullying and harassment.  Before considering it in the medical profession it is worth looking over what bullying means to children.

Assessing Dehydration


In this second post in an occasional series questioning some of the basics of paediatric assessment we are going to look at clinical markers of dehydration, something we have to look out for every single day in the department.

Farewell, Kate Granger


Tessa, Ben, Henry and I want to formally express our deep sadness at the recent passing of Dr Kate Granger.   There may be many of you who have never heard of her name but will be aware of the profound impact she has had on the culture of medicine and will have in years to…

Pressing matters


Assessing the capillary refill time to identify potential shock has been ingrained in anyone that has taken one of the paediatric alphabet courses (APLS/PALS/PLS etc) – but how useful is it really?