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  1. Gina Carbino
    Gina Carbino 3 years ago .Reply

    Love the quiz.

  2. Torrin Nelson
    Torrin Nelson 3 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for developing this great resource!

  3. Paul
    Paul 3 years ago .Reply

    Got 6/9. Good practice. Not bad for a 3rd year gp resident. Thank you for posting this. The superior left axis for AV septal defect was a new one to me.

    • Tessa Davis
      Tessa Davis 3 years ago .Reply

      Excellent, glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Davinder gill
    Davinder gill 3 years ago .Reply

    Nice quiz.
    But I don’t think that last one is long qt

    • Tessa Davis
      Tessa Davis 3 years ago .Reply

      Thanks – this last one was long QT but with associated ST elevation. You are right, though, that we are better to use a more straightforward one so I’ve changed it. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the quiz.

  5. Dr Fawad Ahmad Khan
    Dr Fawad Ahmad Khan 1 year ago .Reply

    A commendable effort indeed Dr Tess . I scored 6 out of 9 but truly speaking some of my correct answers were based on ruling the wrong options mentioned in the particular question . Plz continue the good work .

  6. john
    john 10 months ago .Reply

    you’re the best paul

  7. Mark
    Mark 9 months ago .Reply

    Great quick quiz! 9/9, not bad for a medical student eh? (have to admit, some were answered on ruling out the other options!). Thanks for your time and effort making this.

  8. Ian Pullen
    Ian Pullen 8 months ago .Reply

    8/9…Not bad for a Paramedic!

  9. Zoe
    Zoe 8 months ago .Reply

    4/9 not bad for a student paramedic only out on the road 9 months

  10. Saber
    Saber 7 months ago .Reply

    Thanks for your effort.

  11. Robert
    Robert 5 months ago .Reply

    Great quiz 7/9 happy with that one Paramedic Scottish Ambulance Serice

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