How to be… a twitter moderator

The email comes from a wonderful conference organizer, lets call her, for example, Tessa, “Dear X, would you be interested in being a Twitter moderator for a session at our upcoming conference?”  The idea appeals, but you actually have no idea how it’s done. Google is not much help, but there’s been an amazing conference…

Alarm fatigue

It is easy to be bamboozled by the amazing technology we have at our fingertips – portable monitors, ultrasound machines, tricorders – but you only really need to know one button. It’s that one we all instinctively reach for before have even assessed the patient. It’s the big button marked “Silence“.

Screen Queens

Life as a parent can be tough – early mornings, convincing your child to eat, having time for yourself. Sometimes you just need five minutes to think.  So what do you do – thrust your mobile device in front of your 3 year old?  Today we explore some of the good, bad and ugly concerns…

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