An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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Are you okay?

Today (8th September) in Australia is RUOK? day. It’s a time for people to come together and think about more than themselves and meaningfully connect with others. I wrote recently about the prevalence of bullying in medical society and some of it’s consequences. The 2013 Beyond Blue survey on depression in the medical workforce showed that one…

Intersex – the background

Most of us consider sex as a black or white issue. You are either male or female. But the truth is not as simple as that. The development of sexual characteristis lies on a spectrum. The arbitrary terms of male or female are a human definition rather than a natural one. A person may be born…

Happy 3rd Birthday!

It was shortly after the first SMACC conference in Sydney that the idea for Don’t Forget The Bubbles was formed. Today is our third birthday! Since we have been going we have put out over 450 posts by more than 50 authors.  Without the support of our families and the wider community we would never…

Read all about it!

Here at Don’t Forget The Bubbles we are huge proponents of FOAMed.  It is our raison d’etre. Information that is stuck  behind paywalls will inevitably take time to trickle down to the practitioner who has piles of plastic wrapped journals sitting in their in tray still waiting to be opened, let alone read.