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The space between…

The readers of Don’t Forget the Bubbles are clearly well educated and try their best to keep up to date with the literature.  We do what we can to help bring the latest research to you to help reduce the knowledge translation window (and have a new project on the horizon to help even more)….


Big Picture Paediatrics : The Dunedin Study

So much of paediatrics, and medicine in general, is focussed on small experimental or observational studies. This series of posts takes the wider view; we’re talking here about some of the biggest and longest running studies that help us frame, measure and understand childhood through time and across the world. Are there similar studies? There…


Upper GI Bleed

A 7 year old boy is referred from a peripheral hospital for a 2 day history of passing black tarry stool. On the 3rd day he passes loose stools mixed with dark maroon blood clots. For the last week he had been having upper respiratory tract symptoms and had daily doses of ibuprofen for his…