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Jenna presents to ED with a mild exacerbation of her asthma and a temp. She seems to have improved and is about to be sent home when the registrar notices that her platelet count is 600 x 109 Will this just resolve or should we do something about it?


It’s 2230 and Roberto, 2, is sitting in triage when, from across the department you hear a seal-bark cough. He becomes distressed and is quickly bundled into the resus bay by the worried triage staff. You hear a biphasic stridor and can see some intercostal recession. Roberto’s parents are worried and tearful. Bottom line: Croup…

Is it all downhill from here? © Andrew Tagg

Postnatal depression

Six week old Sasha has been brought to your emergency department because she won’t stop crying.  As the nurses handover her chart they roll their eyes,  “This is the third time her Mum has brought her in.  There’s nothing wrong with the baby. Why don’t you see her quickly and get rid of them?”  …

Ketamine dosing in obese adolescents

Whilst ketamine is widely used in children of all ages, previous studies (Green et al, 2009) have shown that adverse events associated with ketamine are more common in adolescents (including airway adverse events and vomiting). Additionally, there is a lack of clarity for calculating the ketamine dose in obese adolescent patients – should it be…


Vodcast of the week – just a routine operation

Martin Bromiley is an airline pilot and a visionary in the movement to improve patient safety.  He has bravely shared his own family’s story, and the lessons that it contains are so powerful I think they should make this video mandatory viewing for anyone who works in healthcare.  I realise that is a strong statement…

Beyond Milestones

Some months ago, a few local consultants returned from a conference in Sydney. They were abuzz with stories of a new learning resource for professional education around behaviour and development. A Sydney Developmental Paediatrician had compiled these videos, and they were ‘just fantastic’, but at the time apparently very hard to get a look at….

Vodcast of the week – Paediatric ECGs

This weeks vodcast compliments our recently added ECG central. The fantastic Amal Mattu talks us through paediatric ECGs highlighting some features that, while potentially worrying in an adult, are normal in the paediatric population.  If you lose track of the numbers as you go through the vodcast remember we have a table of normal ECG…

Spitting the dummy

A 4 month old male infant is brought to the emergency department by a fire and rescue squad after responding to a 911 call for respiratory distress. He was sucking on a pacifier when his caretakers noticed that he had sucked the pacifier into his mouth.

Children are people too – immigration detention centres

In May 2014, the Royal Australian College of Physicians submitted a report to the Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention.  As health professionals in Australia, we have a responsibility to protect the interests of children in our country. It is clear that the basic rights of children are not being upheld when it…