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Syncope Sunday 2: reflex syncope

Neurally mediated syncope is a heterogenous group of autonomic disorders resulting in orthostatic intolerance. It peaks in toddlers and adolescents. There are two main groups – reflex and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (or autonomic failure). In this post, we will discuss reflex syncope.

Meconium aspiration syndrome

It is 3am, you are the paediatric registrar on in a regional hospital. You are called to attend a term vaginal delivery, with meconium stained liquor. As you arrive a flat baby is transferred to the resuscitaire. 

ILCOR’s draft guidelines

On October 15th This year ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) will publish its updated recommendations in Circulation. ILCOR’s guidance is currently available in draft form at where public comment is invited.

Vodcast of the week – ED board bingo

Anyone who works in the Emergency Medicine is likely to be used to an ED ‘board’ or screen displaying all the patients in the department. This contains information such as name, age, triage category etc. It often has a summary of what the patients, or parents/carers in case of a children’s ED, said they came…

Knee X-ray interpretation

1.  Know your knee anatomy See the the anatomical landmarks on the diagrams below.   Remember that the knees of younger children will look different, as the patella forms, and the ossification centres form.   2. Look for an effusion There are two fat pads in the knee the suprapatellar fat pad the prefemoral fat…

Vodcast of the Week – Neonatal Resuscitation

Whilst the internet is wonderful if you want to look up some obscure aspect of medicine there are some things you just have to know.  I gave this talk to our local group of registrars and in the spirit of FOAM I have recorded it for wider distribution.

From Cradle to the Grave – ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

This years Australasian College of Emergency Medicine Annual scientific meeting in Melbourne has attracted over 900 delegates from all over the world. With an overarching theme of “Back to the Future” a number of speakers have been looking back on the past year in emergency medicine literature and predicting what might be up and coming…