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Top Tips for Infant Feeding


Here are some  fantastic tips for helping give support and advice to parents around infant feeding in a handy A4 poster:


  • Ana Waddington is a senior Nurse (Sister) in paediatric emergency and trauma care at London’s largest trauma centre, with a specialised interest in severe youth violence in London. Founder of YourStance - save a life, don’t take a life, small project teaching basic life support and haemorrhage control to young offenders in prisons across London. Prior to training as a nurse, her specialist interest in adolescent care was nurtured from working in adolescent oncology and refugee work. From Spain, United Kingdom and Chile, Ana is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, having been brought up in various countries around the world.


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1 thought on “Top Tips for Infant Feeding”

  1. More resources:

    UKDILAS (UK drugs in lactation advisory service), which is an NHS specialist formulary. It’s basically a BNF for breastfeeding (note that NICE guidance recommends not to use the BNF for breastfeeding compatibility as not based on sufficiently quantitative info)

    And the Hospital Infant Feeding Network or GP Infant Feeding Network depending on your specialty – websites full of info targeted at health professionals and