What was said: Elizabeth Stokoe at DFTB19


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Liz Stokoe is a Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University. She uses conversation analysis to understand how talk works and she is also an author of Talk: The Science of Conversation.

In healthcare, patients and doctors are constantly faced with difficult decision-making scenarios, but how do we best approach it? Liz takes us on a journey to learn how much we are all pushed and pulled by language and gives us a glimpse of the engine that drives our lives. You can follow her on Twitter at @LizStokoe

“Everyone agrees that communication is important … right up to the point of studying it scientifically. My talk will introduce conversation analysis as a method for identifying effective and less effective communication in settings of all kinds. I will show why it is important to base communication guidance, training, and assessment, on studies of real talk, not simulated or experimentally-produced talk. And I’ll myth-bust common misconceptions about how we talk.”

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