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Being a NICU parent and a doctor: Jasmine Antoine at DFTB18


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The neonatal world is different from the remainder of paediatrics; it is one of the most confronting places a paediatric trainee will work. From your first day you may be asked to intubate the smallest patient you have ever seen. The next may involve the unsuccessful resuscitation of a term infant. Many of us will have never seen a child die before working in the neonatal intensive care unit. The NICU is as terrifying and challenging as it is wonderous. We care for those so small they can fit in your palm and so sick that you contemplate how many more medications can be prescribed and infused. In this presentation from DFTB18 – Science + Story, Jas explores why the majority of us leave the NICU burnt out. The challenges of working and parenting in NICU. The barriers we face to reduce this trauma and stress, as well as how we can make our experience in NICU better for ourselves and colleagues. Jas provides the unique perspective of being both an advanced trainee in Neonatology as well as a mother of twin premature babies.

About the authors

  • Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


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