Inequalities in Healthcare : Andrew McDonald at DFTB18

Dr Andrew McDonald worked as a paediatrician for many years before entering the world of politics. In his years as Shadow Minister for Health he continued to practice one day a week. In both roles he saw the impact that socio-economic status has on health and continues to do what he can to make difference. Why should those that need access to excellent health care not be afforded more healthcare resources? If you can afford to pay you can get in to see a private paediatrician in a week but if you are relying on the public system it is a matter of months. Andrew McDonald challenges the audience to think on this, and who they are really helping.

It can be hard to stand up to the status quo but if you are serious about helping people you must.

Author: Tessa Davis Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She is from Glasgow and Sydney, but is currently living in London. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

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