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Natalie May: Everything Counts in Small Amounts at DFTB17


This talk was recorded live on the final day of DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you missed out in 2017 then why not book your leave for 2018 now. Tickets are on sale for the pre-conference workshops as well as the conference itself at

Natalie May is one of the powerhouses behind that great British institution, St Emlyn’s. Having completed her emergency medical training in the UK she has moved to warmer climes and works as a Specialist in Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine for Sydney HEMS as well as doing the odd job on the side for the local NETS service.

This talk is a a little different. You may wonder what paediatricians can teach those of us that also look after adults. Watch the talk and find out.

You can listen to this talk as you walk to work on any device that supports podcasts.

And you can watch the talk below.

Here is what stood out to resident doodler, Claire Chandler…

Of course, if you are in the UK in October you absolutely have to attend St Emlyn’s Live!

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