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Move over Melatonin: Harriet Hiscock at DFTB18


Professor Harriet Hiscock is a consultant paediatrician and post-doctoral research fellow. Amongst other roles she is co-director of the Unsettled Babies Clinic and it is with this role in mind that we asked her to speak at DFTB18.

Anyone that has children knows that they wriggle and jiggle like nobodies business in bed. But most of that movement is normal and related to relatively high proportion of REM vs Non-REM sleep.


Adapted from Sheldon SH, Spire JP, Levy HB. Pediatric sleep medicine. WB Saunders Co; 1992.

The way we fall asleep at the beginning of the night is the way we try to fall back asleep during our cycles. These sleep associations can make it hard for the parent that relies on driving around the block to get their troubled infant to fall back asleep when they wake. 




This talk was recorded live at DFTB18 in Melbourne, Australia. With the theme of ‘Science and Story‘ we pushed our speakers to step out of their comfort zones and consider why we do what we do. Caring for children is not just about acquiring the scientific knowhow but also about taking a look beyond a diagnosis or clinical conundrum at the patient and their families.

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Selected References

Sheldon SH, Spire JP, Levy HB. Pediatric sleep medicine. WB Saunders Co; 1992.

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