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Jonny Taitz: Patient Safety at DFTB17


This talk was recorded live on the final day of DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you missed out in 2017 then why not book your leave for 2018 now. Tickets are on sale for the pre-conference workshops as well as the conference itself at

Dr Jonny Taitz is a specialist General Paediatrician in private practice in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs but for this talk he is the Director of Paediatric Patient Safety for the Clinical Excellence Commission.  It is in this guise that he talks about the key work the CEC do to improve the quality and safety of healthcare provided to our young population. If you are not already doing so then you should be taking a look at their Paediatric Watch newsletters.

Our older audience might also recognise him from an altogether different role.

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And you can watch the talk below.

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